Endometrial Local Injury Before First IVF : Evaluation of Pregnancy Rate

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Reference: NCT02522806

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In spite of all progress realized in the field of assisted reproduction the pregnancy rate by In vitro fertilization (IVF) in France, across indications, is only 23% after IVF cycle. Different causes may account for these failures and that, during all stages of pregnancy. Recent studies have investigated an essential step in fecundation : uterine receptivity. Some teams have shown that a lot of immunological factors would have very significant in this step, by them possible expression in this process. Other studies looked at genes modulation, essential to implantation, with endometrium manipulation, simple, such as endometrial biopsy (EB). The last findings published on this subject, but after 2 IVF failures, are most encouraging because the pregnancy rate for these teams after just endometrial local injury (EB after 2 IVF failures) is well above their usual pregnancy rate. Some teams have focused on immunoassay of endometrial biopsy, in order to profile uterine receptivity and suggest with results, suitable treatment for each patient (ongoing study). EB is quick, easy, make in a simple consultation and with a low cost, contrary to immunological study, which depend of ultra-specialized laboratories and therefore with an important cost.

Inclusion criteria

  • Sterility, Female