Obstetric and Proctology Support of Patients With Perineums Suits

Update Il y a 5 ans
Reference: NCT02823717

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Perineal tear grade III and IV are relatively common (1-10% of deliveries depending on the series), and are a source of potentially serious complications, even long time after delivery (especially disorders of anal continence, psychological trauma). If a number of risk factors are well described, the support arrangements at the time of delivery and the characteristics of the review Proctological remote delivery and its relationship to the clinical status of patients is little known and rarely studied. In maternity wards of the hospital Saint Joseph Paris and Cochin-Port Royal group, patients with a diagnosis of severe perineal tear was made are taken following load with common rules, both for the immediate repair for the remote monitoring. Patients of both sites are indeed encouraged to consult in proctology consultation in Saint Joseph 4-6 months of birth. The same support on both sites allows to consider the creation of a relatively homogeneous cohort in terms of support and consider an important recruitment. Moreover, the geographical proximity of the inclusions sites (maternity) with proctology service is likely to limit the risk of lost sight of.

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  • Obstetric Complications,Muscle Tear