Effect of miR-200b on Diabetic Wounds

Update Il y a 5 ans
Reference: NCT02581098

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This study aims to determine if elevated wound-edge endothelial miR-200b is a barrier to wound healing in diabetic patients and also to determine if ex vivo supplementation of miR-21 mimic and recombinant MFG-E8 resolve inflammation in wound macrophages isolated from NPWT sponges from diabetic wounds. This study will enroll 124 (60 in the miR-200b arm and 64 in the miR21 arm) Diabetic Wound patients who have wound tissue oxygenation adequate to support wound healing and will be in the study for 14 weeks that includes 4 study visits.

Inclusion criteria

  • Diabetes Mellitus,Foot Ulcer,Ulcer,Diabetic Foot Ulcer,Wound,Wound Heal