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Spotlight on 3 studies

Regularly we prefer 3 studies to help the inclusion of patients.

Electrophysiologic Parameters and Biomarkers Predicting Treatment Response in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder

To explore electrophysiologic parameters and biomarkers predicting treatment response of patients with major depressive disorder To explore electrophysiologic parameters and biomarkers predicting suicide risk of patients with major depressive disorder

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Investigating the Impact of Obesity on Pubertal Development in Girls

Background: Studies suggest that overweight girls may be developing breast tissue, and therefore starting puberty, earlier than normal weight girls. However, it is hard to distinguish breast tissue from fatty tissue. Researchers think that by using breast ultrasound, among other tests, they can do a better job of telling whether an overweight girl has breast tissue. ...

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Blood Volume Assessment of Hepatocellular and Metastatic Carcinomas in the Liver

This project investigates the feasibility of assessing the relative blood volume of carcinomas in patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) and liver metastases from pancreatic or colorectal cancer compared to normal liver from DynaCT acquisitions on an interventional platform.

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Kusajili is a protean search engine that addresses the need to simplify access to registers and patient inclusions.
Kusajili makes it possible to find in a few clicks, the numerous French and international trials referenced.
Kusajili, associated with MyHomeDoctor, facilitates multicenter clinical trials.
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